Going to the SharePoint Conference 2014


I recently made the decision to go to the SharePoint Conference in LasVegas in March.  My company won’t pay for it, so I will be funding this trip on my own.  With my responsibilities as a leader of the Omaha SharePoint User Group, and an organizer of SharePoint Saturday – Omaha, I feel it is extremely important to be there.  So,  I made my reservations and I’m on my way.  I have already covered my flight and lodging.  I think I can get transportation to the strip, and from there I can walk or take the rail.  I’ll eat fast food for my meals.

Thanks to the fine folks at KWizCom, I now have admission into the Exhibitors Hall.  Everything I need! Check out KWizCom’s website to see all of the components they have to use on your SharePoint site.



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