SharePoint Sucks

In most of my presentations, you will hear me say, “SharePoint doesn’t suck, your implementation of SharePoint sucks!”  I “tweeted” this once and a lively discussion ensued to the point that Dux Raymond Sy sent me this t-shirt!  I am sure that if you searched for “SharePoint Sucks” you weren’t expecting this page, but while you’re here, enjoy the pictures.  I’ll try to bring this shirt to all the events I attend so I can get even more pictures!

SharePoint Saturday Phoenix – November 2013

I almost completely spaced off posting these pictures.  I had a couple of brave SPSPhoenix attendees put on The Shirt.  Apparently, SharePoint doesn’t suck in Phoenix either!

spsphx1 spsphx2

After a few beers at our October SharePint, I convinced a few people to “Wear the shirt”!

Picture #5 – The Manager

Michael says...

Picture #4 – The Legal Administrator

Amber says...

Picture #3 – The SharePoint Consultant

Shonna says...

Picture #2

Would you hire this guy? Maybe, but if you have a position to fill, he might be able to help you.  Thanks Brian!

Brian Fehr, TEK Systems

Picture #1

I was asked to not display his face because the Drupal gods might retaliate!  Thanks for being a good sport!

SharePoint Doesn't Suck

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