In today’s work environment, a lot of companies have standardized on Microsoft Office as their suite of office automation applications. With the introduction of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, more and more people are gaining access to Team collbaboration and document management concepts. This places a greater need in the development world for developers that can create applications that take advantage of the SharePoint platform. This site aims to be another resource for SharePoint developers.


My name is David Petersen and my goal for this site is to provide resources for SharePoint developers and administrators based on my personal experiences with SharePoint and other’s experiences. I have been developing software since my first experience in high school where in 1979, I got my hands on a TRS-80. I knew right away that I wanted to be a programmer. After college and the Marines, I started working in the IT industry. I’ve done everything from network engineer to desktop support to IT Director – but my true passion is Consulting. I love change and challenge. I love travel. I like working with many different clients in many different industries. I learn so much and my hope, with this site, is that I can help someone else with what I’ve learned.

Enjoy – and Thank you for visiting.

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