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  • Adding Parameters To Excel SQL Query

    The other day, I was asked to make an Excel spreadsheet that was populated by a SQL stored procedure parameterized. This spreadsheet is supposed to run each month to analyze the previous month’s sales and commissions. I wrote a stored procedure that automatically pulled the previous month’s data. Now, they wanted to specify the Start […]

  • Developing ReactJS Single Page Apps for SharePoint

    Last year, I decided that I wanted to learn different ways to create web applications.  The two major candidates were Angular 1.x and ReactJS.  I went through some courses on Pluralsight and other training sites for both.  After “playing” around with both, I can honestly say that I prefer ReactJS over Angular.  Angular 2.0 looks […]

  • Time to resume blogging about SharePoint

    If you notice the previous posts, it’s been since 2014 since I have been doing any writing on this blog. I have been a little busy. I will write more in detail abou what I have been up to in a future post, but until then, know that I have not stopped doing SharePoint Consulting, […]

  • Client side Application Development in SharePoint – July Omaha SharePoint User Group Presentation References

    I promised that I would upload my slide deck from this presentation but after looking at the slides, it appears that the only thing worthwhile are the links that I provided for further study.  So, without further ado, here are the references:   SharePoint Foundation 2010 Client Object Model Redistributable Download : Javascript Object […]

  • Org Chart/ Site Map Mashup: Wrapping it all up!

    I have received some positive feedback on this article series. Thank you! I thought I’d go ahead and create this post with links to each post in the series to make it easy to read the whole thing in order. I also want to thank for picking up the series, making it available to […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 5

    Part 5 – Conclusion In the first four parts, we saw how easy it is to set up a couple of lists and then with just a little bit of JavaScript, we can transform that list data into an Org Chart or a graphical Site Map. This shows you how a little out-of-the-box thinking can […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 4

    Part 4 – Add content Now that we have the basic chart, it’s now time to add content to each box from the Site Map Content List. I could get all of the content of the list and then iterate through them for each node in the Site Map list, or I could write a […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 3

    Part 3 – Create the chart In the first two posts, we created our lists and set up our development environment. In this part, we will use jQuery to query the Site Map list and create the Site Map hierarchy. If you haven’t completed the steps outlined in the first two parts, you should do […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 2

    Part 2 – Setting up the coding environment In the last post, we defined the requirement and the solution and then created the lists that will support it.  In this post, we will assemble all of the parts and set up the coding environment.  I will also show you how I organize supporting files when […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 1

    Part 1 – Introduction A client had a requirement to modify an Org Chart that they had on their SharePoint (WSS3) site. When looking at it, I realized that it was an image with the links mapped. The image itself was sliced up pretty good and it was impossible to make the requested modifications because […]