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  • Speaking at SharePoint Saturday – Kansas City – Nov. 9, 2013

    I was just notified that I will be presenting at SharePoint Saturday – Kansas City on November 9, 2013.  I believe I have presented at every SPSKC that they have put on.  Having lived in KC and with relatives still there, it is my second home.  I wish I had a job that allowed me […]

  • Win A Free Drobo Mini

    I love my Drobo 2nd Gen so much that I just ordered a new 5N. Now I find out that the folks at Geekbeat.TV are giving away 4 Drobo Mini’s! How do you win? Go to and follow the instructions to enter.  #DroboLove

  • I love my Drobo!

    I have been a Drobo owner now for a couple of years.  It gives me the peace of mind knowing that my data is backed up in a safe, data-robot!  If a drive fails, no problem!  I can also put larger sizes in it anytime I want.  It is so easy.  Well, Drobo is having […]

  • What Do You Want to Learn at Conferences?

    I love speaking at SharePoint Conferences but I never know what to speak about. I’m an Architect/Developer so those would be the tracks I would cover. Mostly, I have been speaking about Planning a SharePoint deployment. I’d like to present  something development related but the topics aren’t popping out. So, I’m soliciting ideas. I will […]

  • Problem POSTING a SharePoint form multiple times

    I created a web part that displays data in an HTML table. On this web part, there is also a button that says, Export to Excel. When the button is clicked, the form posts to the server and my server-side code responds with an Excel file. The problem is that it only works once. To […]

  • Confirmed for SharePoint Saturday – KC

    I just confirmed that I will be presenting at SharePoint Saturday – Kansas City on December, 11, 2010. Come join us. It is a lot of fun and there will be loads of SharePoint information.

  • Confirmed! I’m Speaking At SPS-Ozarks!

    I received an email yesterday that made it official!  I’m presenting at SharePoint Saturday – Ozarks on June 12, 2010!  This is special for me because this was my first SharePoint Saturday, and it really stoked the passion that I have about developing SharePoint solutions.  I’m presenting What I Wish I Knew Before I Implemented […]

  • XSL:split-string function

    One of the reasons I like developing for SharePoint is that I get to work with many different technologies and platforms.  When I am designing a custom list for (display, edit or new), There are times where I may have a delimited string in a field that I want to display differently on the screen. […]

  • Undercover Boss: How SharePoint Can Help Management

    After the Superbowl, where the “Who Dat Nation” conquered the Indianapolis Colts, CBS previewed a new program called Undercover Boss.  It is an intriguing concept.  Take the CEO/President of a company and have them work undercover for their own company.   I DVR’d it and had the opportunity to watch the first episode last night. […]

  • iPhone Saves the Day!

    Every once in a while, you come across a cool story that you wish everyone could learn about.  This is one such story.  It is so cool, I’m going to cross-post this on both of my blogs. What would you do if you were caught in an earthquake, injured and sure you were going to […]