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Notes to SharePoint Migration

By , January 15, 2010 3:33 pm

The company I work for purchased the Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint.  Overall, it has saved me lots of time migrating from Lotus Notes.  The main reason is that I have absolutely zero experience with Notes.  Now, the Quest tool allows me to migrate all of the rows into SharePoint pretty painlessly.  I was having one problem.  As I migrated Lotus databases, I was getting SharePoint lists with 50 -100 list items.  Performance lagged when trying to view those items and it made SPDesigner almost unusable.  I set out to find a way for the tool to create folders around a Created date.  My final solution utilized Lotus @Functions.

In the spirit of trying to save someone else a lot of time, here is what I did. 

  1. I used Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint Designer.
  2. If you select a folder type in the mapping, Designer will create a folder with the name of the item.  If the item has a forward or backward slash, it will create nested folders.  So, I wanted a nested folder based on a date.
  3. In the Notes data definition, I created a new formula field.
  4. The formula that I used is:  @Text(@Year(@Created)))+”/”+@Text(@Month(@Created)))+”/”+@Text(@Day(@Created)))

    DateString Formula

  5. I created an alias of FolderDateString
  6. Output type is String.
  7. On the DataMapping, map the FolderDateString field to a Folder type. That will tell Designer to automatically create nested folders based on the string.
  8. That’s it!

Hope this helps someone!

mapped data

Final data mapping

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