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  • Live Example of my Org Chart/Site Map Mashup

    If you have read my series on creating an Org Chart or Site Map using SharePoint lists, SPServices library, jQuery and the Google Charting API, I now have that solution posted online for you to see. Go to: http://sharepoint.dipetersen.com/orgchart/default.aspx to see it in action! Try it in different browsers. Let me know what you think!

  • Org Chart/ Site Map Mashup: Wrapping it all up!

    I have received some positive feedback on this article series. Thank you! I thought I’d go ahead and create this post with links to each post in the series to make it easy to read the whole thing in order. I also want to thank EndUserSharePoint.com for picking up the series, making it available to […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 5

    Part 5 – Conclusion In the first four parts, we saw how easy it is to set up a couple of lists and then with just a little bit of JavaScript, we can transform that list data into an Org Chart or a graphical Site Map. This shows you how a little out-of-the-box thinking can […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 4

    Part 4 – Add content Now that we have the basic chart, it’s now time to add content to each box from the Site Map Content List. I could get all of the content of the list and then iterate through them for each node in the Site Map list, or I could write a […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 3

    Part 3 – Create the chart In the first two posts, we created our lists and set up our development environment. In this part, we will use jQuery to query the Site Map list and create the Site Map hierarchy. If you haven’t completed the steps outlined in the first two parts, you should do […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 2

    Part 2 – Setting up the coding environment In the last post, we defined the requirement and the solution and then created the lists that will support it.  In this post, we will assemble all of the parts and set up the coding environment.  I will also show you how I organize supporting files when […]

  • jQuery – .SPServices – Google.OrgChart API Mashup – Part 1

    Part 1 – Introduction A client had a requirement to modify an Org Chart that they had on their SharePoint (WSS3) site. When looking at it, I realized that it was an image with the links mapped. The image itself was sliced up pretty good and it was impossible to make the requested modifications because […]

  • Problem POSTING a SharePoint form multiple times

    I created a web part that displays data in an HTML table. On this web part, there is also a button that says, Export to Excel. When the button is clicked, the form posts to the server and my server-side code responds with an Excel file. The problem is that it only works once. To […]